Dr. Nima Sanandaji is an author and social engineer, known for a stream of comprehensive policy reports and books on enterprise and public administration. He is the author of books such as Debunking Utopia, Scandinavian Unexceptionalism, The Nordic Gender Equality Paradox, SuperEntrepreneurs and Renaissance for Reforms.

Dr. Sanandaji has written over 20 books and 70 public policy reports, on policy issues ranging from women’s career opportunities to technological transformation, taxes, education, and welfare.





In focus


In his most recent report written for IT&Telekomföretagen, the Swedish industry association for digital enterprises, Dr. Sanandaji outlines the advantages for the economy of further digitalisation. He also highlights that although Sweden has long pioneered the development, other countries are now catching up and moving ahead of Sweden. The report finally enumerates what needs to be done to take Swedish digitalisation even further and maintaining the edge.





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