“Sanandaji Consultancy provides in-depth analysis on various societal issues, such as the long-term socioeconomic benefits of improving educational attainment. The studies are grounded in statistics and the research literature, yet presented in a way that makes them accessible to media, policymakers and the general public.

Lena Hök

Senior Vice President Green & Community Investment, Skanska

More than 20 Publications Per Annum

The work of our experts results in more than 20 reports, studies, and analyses annually. Most of these works are published and available on our site. Take a look at a selection of our work below.


More often than not, our work has a direct impact on the public agenda.
At other times, it subtly changes people’s perceptions.
In order to be on top of our game, we are always on the lookout for talents with a habit of delivering excellence.

Women's Careers

In Focus

In his most recent report for the Cato Institute, Sanandaji outlines the effects of Nordic welfare systems on women’s careers and the mechanisms of the gender glass ceiling. While widely believed to be beneficial to gender equality, Sanandaji shows how some of the Nordic policies, such as for instance gender quotas, actually have negative effects on women’s careers. There are other reforms which have better results for enhancing women’s careers. Read the report to find out more.